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Prophecy: Envisioning & Praying For Tomorrow

Pastor, what do you envision and hope to accomplish going forward?

I’m thankful for the opportunity technology has given us. I often wonder how the Apostle Paul and Luke would be using the internet to spread the gospel. With that resource available, Lane, my son who is growing a church in Georgia, and I have created an online course that is part of what I call the Apostolic Continuum. The first component of this is on Disciple-making. The Disciple-making course will have over 20 hours of practical “how to” instruction, eBooks and educational material that can be shared with church leaders. 

There are additional books in various stages of writing and publishing.  Those books include:

  1. Where is God in My Dark Place?is my working title for a book on surviving depression. This is an area of life where my own personal history helps communicate about the issue. There will be a suite of accompanying materials.
  2. The Bible as More Than Literature is apologetic lessons I’ve taught the church. In my years of pastoral teaching, no series has drawn the amount of interest this did. The material will be published as a series of teachable lessons. Students and adults alike are being challenged to validate the Bible as being God’s Word. This book will give information to help accomplish this.
  3. Remember Lot!, is about decisions men make and how to make better decisions.
  4. Life of Christ – Year One– 26 lessons about Jesus’ first year of public ministry.
  5. Sermon on the Mount– Over 40 lessons dealing with what Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount.
  6. But Jehosheba– a second book of funeral sermons.

The premise of “Future Church” is never far from my mind. What adjustments must we make to embrace the future? My current thoughts regarding our own growth:

  • Our local church must relocate to larger property to be effective. In a similar way, the body of Christ has to enlarge her boundaries. We cannot grow beyond our structure. How do we enlarge without loss of identity?
  • How do better equip pastors to match this moment? The effectiveness of the local church depends on the spiritual and pragmatic leadership of a local pastor. A man can be superb in the spirit realm and impractical in structure and processes and not get a lot done. The exact opposite is true as well – some are effective from a practical perspective but as “spiritual as a doorknob.” Neither extreme will work.
  • From an entrepreneurial perspective I envision an Apostolic Publishers Clearinghouse that crosses organizational boundaries and acquaints people in one group with resources developed by a person in another.