Christmas 2021 - Books are the BEST gift for Christmas!
Christmas 2021 - Books are the BEST gift for Christmas!

Christmas 2021 - Books are the BEST gift for Christmas!

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You Want Personal Growth 


You Would Not Have Clicked

Two quick things:

#1 - This material is guaranteed. If reading and applying what you read does not lead to growth ask for a refund.  

#2 - Free shipping in the U.S.A. always!

Now, let's talk about the path along which you will grow. 

Daily Things of Christian Living - 30th Anniversary Update

Christians know what to do on Sunday but are not sure about the other six days of the week. The New Testament references seven daily actions. These seven should become habits that give structure to a person's life. None of the seven are difficult. None is a waste of valuable time. Apply the daily things of Christian living and your impact for Christ will be multiplied. 


Christians are often told to do things but nobody tells them "how." Personal Devotion seems so basic that leaders assumed I'd figure it out. I did, fifteen years later. 

The "how" is found in Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (Book #1 in the K.I.S.S. series)

You will learn:

● Three Models to use in Personal Devotion

● To establish a sustainable practice of devotion

● To overcome hindrances to personal devotion

Ten - continues the habit building. This fill-in-the-blank tool teaches:

  • Simple practices in prayer.
  • How to read the Bible to gain a great benefit.

These are the foundations of your Christian life.

Now, what are Jesus' measures of a great church? If everybody who calls your church home:

  • Acted as you act.
  • Shared your level of commitment

Learn Jesus' measures of a great church in If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me . . . (What Kind of Church Would This Church Be)?

  • A great church can only be the result of great saints! You can be great for God!

● If everybody who calls your church home had the same level of commitment as you, what kind of church would that church be?

● Practical steps to make a difference for Christ.

Evangelism is part of making a difference for Christ

● To teach simple, topical lessons to the lost. What the Bible Says . . . About the Word of God, Salvation, Repentance, Water Baptism, the Holy Spirit, Speaking in Tongues, and the nature of God.

● How simple evangelism can be.

● The student handouts and worksheets can be duplicated for your lifetime.

Distinct for God

● Choose to be different. On a prison island named Patmos, John was surrounded by the worst sort of men. Yet, John did not become like them. Instead, John received revelation.

● Live with the long view. Esau lived for the immediate. To Esau, the future benefits of the birthright had little value. Jacob was the opposite. He desired to be part of a grand future.

● Five other chapters on standing out for Christ.


● Your daily decisions will affect the generations coming behind you.

● Lot set his family up for failure. Genesis tells of thirteen decisions Lot made. Twelve of the decisions were wrong.

● Be wise - learn from Lot's mistakes. You needn't repeat his errors.

An eBook Resource for Devotion

● Looking at part of each chapter in Matthew

● Great to use for devotion and Meditation

● Comes in two formats (PDF and Mobi). Both will be sent to you.

Path of Lifelong Growth

● Be a reader

● Be a student of the Bible

● Consistently practice the simple, repeatable things that the Lord desires of you.

This is an incredible array of resources to help you grow as a disciple of Christ Jesus. It is not enough to be "older" in Christ, we must become mature believers. A disciple is "one who learns." God help us all to be life-long learners.

Normally $136.92. 

For a limited time 1/3 off - $91.53 PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the USA. 


These tools will benefit all - whether the newest convert or someone who has served the Lord for decades. The "Grow in Christ" bundle includes all eight resources mentioned below AND we provide FREE shipping in the United States. 

Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.)

They told me to have personal devotion. Sounded good. But they forgot to tell me "how." 

It seems this is a common problem. 90% of the people who label themselves as Protestant Christians want to have a closer relationship with Jesus.  Yet, only 19% spend time with Jesus on a daily basis. (Research from Lifeway Resources)

Why? An amazing number answer, "Nobody taught me how. I don't know what a personal devotion is like." You can learn how!

Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints has a personal assessment, it is active with further assessments along the way. There are some fill-in-the-blanks. In K.I.S.S. - Personal Devotion, you will learn:

  • The hindrances to you spending time with Jesus.

  • Two important keys to sustaining your personal devotion.

  • Several models for practicing your personal devotion.

If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me (What Kind of Church Would this Church Be)

What is the measure of a great church? Jesus gave some insight when He said, "Upon this rock (the revelation of who He was), I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." A great church:

  1. Has a revelation of who the Lord Jesus Christ is. 

  2. Is "being built." No church is ever complete, we are always in process.

  3. The church is on the attack against the gates of hell. 

A great church consists of great individual believers. How well are you doing with just these three aspects of Christian life? 

What if each person in your church were just like you? Would it be a strong church? There are things the Bible teaches about the measure of a great church. Using the information found here you can grow to be a great saint helping raise up a great church!

Ten Days

Ten Days was developed as a tool to give people immediately after they were born again. But something interesting happened, Ten Days has taken off and has been used to start establishing new habits in existing believers.

Many believers need a refresher course on how to pray, read the Bible or understand the value of church attendance. Ten Days contains ten lessons every saint needs. The material is interactive. There are blanks to fill in. 

Musings on Matthew (an eBook in both Mobi and PDF format)

From each of the 28 chapters of Matthew comes a thought-provoking devotion with accompanying questions. These short readings will give you seed thoughts to consider throughout your day. You will receive Musings on Matthew in both the Mobi and PDF format. 

An example of the content.  In listing the apostles selected by the Lord, Matthew lists himself by the name Matthew. No other gospel writer does so. What is the significance?

Another example:  John the Baptist was a powerful preacher. His call to repentance was so impacting that decades later some John baptized were strongly adhering to his teaching. However, those same men had missed at least one of the three primary elements in John the Baptist's preaching. Find out what they missed. 

Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot

Decisions matter. Decisions NEVER happen in a vacuum.  

Every time you make a choice you are turning the central part of you,

the part that chooses,

into something a little different than what it was before.

And taking your life as a whole, with all your innumerable choices,

you are slowly turning this central thing

either into a heavenly creature or into a hellish creature,

C.S. Lewis. 


Jesus advised an audience to, "Remember Lot's wife." She made a memorable decision resulting in her destruction. We only know of one decision the woman made. 

But Lot, he is a different story. We know of at least twelve decisions Lot made. Lot's collective decisions put his wife, as well as his daughters, in a position to make terrible decisions. Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot examines Lot's bad decisions and shows you how to make better choices. 

What the Bible Says . . . 

What the Bible Says . . . is a topical Bible Study originally designed for evangelism. However, many have used it for personal growth. The seven lessons address key topics like "What the Bible Says about Salvation," and "What the Bible Says about Speaking in Tongues."

Ideally, you would read and study this material and get such in-depth knowledge that you teach others what you learn. If this happens you have on hand the teacher material as well as student handouts and worksheets. You can duplicate the student notes and handouts as long as often as you want. 

Distinctly Different

Originally written for Christian men, this book has swept far beyond that objective. Each Christian has the potential to realize as John Mark did that "Failure is not Final;" to practice "Living with the Long Look" like Jacob; and to make sure future generations need not deal with their curse. The latter being what Jabez did.

These seven chapters have depth and dimension. People have written about how it changed their view and salvaged them from a terrible outcome.