Jealousy's Manipulative Grip: A Tale of Betrayal

Jealousy's Manipulative Grip: A Tale of Betrayal

The story of Joseph and his brothers is one of jealousy, betrayal, and deception among siblings. Joseph's older brothers entered into a conspiracy of manipulation that lasted for many years.

They seized an opportunity to eliminate the brother they viewed as a competitor. In my book Pastoring a Manipulator you will come to realize how opportunistic manipulators. Reuben, Simeon, Judah and all the other men would never have acted as they did, if Isaac had been present.

Manipulators may be nice for long periods of time until an opportunity arises to accomplish their goal.

Joseph's brothers' envy towards him led to a series of events that eventually resulted in his betrayal and sale into slavery. The story is an example of how jealousy can fuel manipulation.

The Unthinkable

Jacob sent Joseph to learn how his older brothers were faring. They were part of a family. Yes, Joseph was annoying and seems to have been rather full of himself. But even with the most difficult family member would you sell them to become slaves? Manipulators will.

This manipulation came from people who Jacob and Joseph felt they could trust. True manipulators have little concern for trust-based relationships. The lesson - don't trust a manipulator, regardless of the relationship. In such a person's action there is almost always a hidden agenda. 

Life as Competition

This tale of deception and betrayal is powerful. At first thought, Joseph’s brothers intended to abandon him, leaving him in a pit, where under the hot Middle Eastern sun, Joseph would soon die of thirst.

Coupled with their jealousy was a bit of competitiveness. Joseph was known to be Jacob's favorite. With Joseph out of the way, Jacob might be more gracious. Perhaps each brother would in time get a coat of many colors. These brothers did not serve Joseph, to better their own position they pushed him aside. 

Manipulators are not only driven to win, they are so driven as to hurt you in order to get what they want.  

Consequences Not Considered

Not quite willing to stoop to murder, Joseph's brothers, driven by jealousy, competitiveness, and resentment, conspired to sell him into slavery.

As the carvan departed for Egypt, Joseph was out of the way. Problem solved.

A reason to be careful of what you agree to when you work with a narcissist, is that they seldom consider the law of unintended consequences. This conspiracy of manipulation would of necessity now expand to include their father. Jacob had sent Joseph to check on his brothers. Jacob would want to know why Joseph had not returned.

Manipulators are excellent at improvisation. The brothers concocted a story about Joseph being killed by a wild animal. They brought to Jacob evidence to support the story. The blood-soaked coat of many colors certainly belonged to Joseph.

This fake story added another layer of deception. Manipulators are often trapped into taking ever more drastic steps to accomplish their purpose. Jacob would spend decades mourning the death of Joseph and would be over-protective of Benjamin, Joseph's youngest brother. 

Betrayal has been a recurring theme throughout history. The account of Joseph serves as a pointed reminder of how envy and deceit can lead individuals to commit terrible acts against those closest to them.

Be careful of those who are jealous, envious, and so competitive that they are willing to cheat. From Jacob's sons learn the destructive power of jealousy

Jealousy has been said to be crueler than the grave. Jealousy certainly leads to drastic manipulation. Their deceitful actions ultimately shape the course of events in this biblical account.

There is much to learn about dealing with manipulators. 


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