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In the business world, strong, enduring corporations strive for  "Constant Improvement." Such constant improvement is expressed by the Japanese word "kaizen." To improve even a tiny bit is an improvement. Improving year by year by year eventually becomes significant.

Man of God - Be a Life-Long Learner

Those most effective in ministry never settle. Each year I'll need to preach, teach, counsel, and lead better than the year before. The world around me is changing, I must improve to keep up. 

The resources in this collection reflect the goal of a "Constantly Improving Ministry." Each resource brings to you things learned in my own struggle to become more effective. Like  most, I'm not "Super Preacher," "Super Leader," or "Super Pastor." This has been work - every bit of it. Nothing has come easy.  Any effectiveness is the result of the goal to constantly improve. You can do the same.

I'd like the arriving generation to have it easier than me. Look over my growing group of resources for Ministry Development.

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