Carlton L. Coon Sr. is a veteran pastor who has been part of leading multiple churches to growth.

He advocates for Christian growth in every way possible.

  • Personal Growth
  • Growth in Influence
  • Ministerial Growth
  • Local Church Growth
  • Growth in Knowledge
  • Growth in Effectiveness

Everything on the website is "growth oriented." The premise being:

If we grow people – whether the pastor is the one growing or the newest convert, the church will automatically grow. Those who stop growing start dying. Please don’t die when there are so many opportunities to live with greater vibrance than you’ve ever imagined. is designed to help pastors, church leaders, converts and Christians. Look it over and give attention to the blog posts. Each blog post provides an opportunity to expand your vision.

This "stuff" works.

As a fledgling author my focus was on providing training and resources on how a local church could be effective with disciple-making. That original focus remains but has now expanded to include a series of books titled, God's Men and a second series named Keep It Simple Saints.

That passion for making disciples remains. Our flagship online training course Mastering Disciple-making equips a pastor and church on the whathow, and why of disciple-making. Keeping newcomers involves more than having an orientation class.

Because it is such a passion, Mastering Disciple-making is a cost-effective but thorough path to establishing sustainable processes. There are over 30 short videos…with accompanying and outs and instructions. The training is practical and can be implemented in any size church.

Church planters learn about disciple-making in a baby church. This segment is taught by Lane Coon, a veteran church planter in Atlanta, Georgia. Guidance is given on how a pastor… can create and lead a small team of people to develop a “disciple-making” strategy for that local congregation and community.

A digital copy of The How And Why of New Convert Care and You Wouldn’t Want An Ostrich For Your Mama… are provided as part of Mastering Disciple-making. These books are instrumental in retaining converts and growing your church.

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all books and courses. So, with no risk, take a look at Mastering Disciple-making. It may be what you need to establish a sustainable Disciple-making effort.   

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