Pastoring a Machiavellian Manipulator
Pastoring a Machiavellian Manipulator

Pastoring a Machiavellian Manipulator

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You can pastor difficult people, but it is well - difficult.

A manipulator tries to control or influence others cleverly or unscrupulously. They are usually puppet masters working behind the scenes. 

There are puppet masters in the church. You will pastor master manipulators, and it is possible to effectively pastor them. 

Learning to pastor manipulators will expand how many people you can influence. Not knowing the right way to deal with manipulators guarantees losing good people, as in Jesus' parable about tares among the wheat.

Few people, including pastors, are born knowing how to deal with such people. Instead, it is learned behavior.

In Pastoring a Manipulator, you learn how to identify manipulators and what to do to protect others (and yourself) from the harm they can do. It will never be easy to deal with such people, but understanding what you are dealing with and how you will respond, produces confidence.

Pastoring a Manipulator will transform your approach to dealing with manipulative individuals.

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