Daily Purpose (Review Chapter from Daily Things of Christian Living)
Daily Things of Christian Living CarltonCoon.com Review Chapter - Daily Purpose In the late ‘90s, two books took the Christian world by storm. Decades later, The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life, authored by Rick Warren continue selling...
Essential Elements for Learning, Applying and Learning More
In an earlier blog, discipleship was defined. One who learns and then does. An oft overlooked element: there is no final graduation from Christian discipleship. The followers of Christ set themselves to continually learn and then increase their capability to do...
Discipleship - Always Reaching
A disciple is one who learns. In Christian life the knowledge is not abstract information. Instead, a disciple is one who learns and applies. Every saved person is to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to...
Who Helped in the Making of You?
There are days when "thank you" seems appropriate. Whose hand was on the shaping of you? I'd love to hear the names of the unknown and unheralded who made you what you are.
What's It Like to Be Depressed?
What is it like to be depressed. Obviously that varies from one person to another. But this one chapter from the book Light in a Dark Place - Encountering Depression captures the essence of the experience from several vantage points.
Pastoral Hack #6 - A You're Terrific File
Pastoral Hack #6 – Create a You’re Terrific File & Use It  A hack is anything that provides a shortcut toward being effective. Using pastoral hacks is working smart even while you work hard.  This pastoral hack may seem self-serving....
Be thankful for the gift of a pastor
Pastor, I appreciate you as my leader. Leading is not fun, nor is it easy. There is too much responsibility. You lead people. Longtime pastor, Ron Mullins' book title captures it:  People are a Mess, and We are all People....
Praying the Psalms - Songs During Depression
Depression is real. Depression destroys. To overcome depression requires deciding to fight. This blog is written from experience. I encourage you to join me in fighting back. Learn to pray the psalms.
Carlton L. Coon Sr. Biography
There is a Life in Brief version and a second much longer version.  Carlton L. Coon Sr. Life in Brief No longer in my 40s. Married to Norma for several decades. Two sons, daughter-in-law, two grandsons, and one granddaughter Preaching...
Five Important Things Learned from Anthony Mangun
Anthony Mangun and I are not great friends. I'm not sure either of us have the time or temperament to have many "great friends." Pastor Mangun is someone I admire, and from whom I have learned a lot.   What...
The Power of Questions!
Inquisitive people win the day and show the way. Inventions happen when someone questions what others perceive as certain. Jesus and Questions Jesus asked 307 questions and was asked over 180 questions. Interesting the one who knew the most asked...
Continue Your Pursuit - for God's Sake
When Gideon defeated the Midianites with a rather absurd battle plan. He did not start celebrating. Instead, Gideon and his 300 pursued the Midianites toward the Jordan River. A battle had been won, but lasting victory had not been secured....
Steps to Powerful Preaching
What is powerful preaching? Is it preaching that brings people to their feet? Is it preaching that hits the “hot buttons” an audience will heartily respond to? Is it loud? Does the preacher need to seem as though he just...
Depressed - Just a Bad Mood? Not on Your Life!
If you or a family member are battling depression, let me be blunt, your struggle is quite real. Like heart disease or diabetes, depression is a condition that ranges in degrees of ferocity. For some their depression is mild and...
Are We Scoring Points or Just Tossing the Ball Around?
Are you effective with growing a church, winning the lost, and turning converts into disciples? If so, your effectiveness on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ did not happen by accident. You made some intentional decisions.  The concepts presented here are...
Combatting Listener Fatigue! (and we all get this at some point?)
Blessings on you as we begin 2021. Our chaotic world is ultimately ruled by the Lord Jesus Christ. In Him, there is no chaos or distress. As one of His young’uns, should I be stressing out? Those who respond with...
Friend or Leader?
Would you rather be "loved" or "respected"? A comedian is liked. People laugh. Is he respected? Respect is earned by loving people AND treating them with merciful and kind respect. 
Christmas During Our Pandemic, Does It Have to be a Bad Thing?
2020 has been difficult for the entire world. Celebrations, weddings, graduations, work, birthdays; were either postponed, or downsized.But does Christmas and the holiday season have to be a bad one? Absolutely not!
Book of Acts, Chapter 1, Verses 15-26 - Ready for Pentecost?
We do not see the Holy Ghost giving these men dictatorial authority. They served the church and the lost. These men did not dominate.
It Takes So Little to Be Above Average—This Christmas

For those who pastor or are in a church leadership role – Christmas is a time to make a memorable and influential ministry impact.  Yes, Christmas is a time of “good tidings and joy to all people.” The beginning of the incarnation happened at Bethlehem. 

 At the same time, while your kids or grandkids are having a wonderful time, there are others who can benefit from a simple ministering word from their shepherd.  Let me give you four suggestions.

Depression and the Need for a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Depression and the Need for a Light at the End of the Tunnel


Depression has been called the mental and emotional common cold. Depression is common. However, many people remain unaware. They also remain unaware that depression affects people from the most successful – to the unknown.