Pastor, thank you for leading me

Pastor, I appreciate you as my leader. Leading is not fun, nor is it easy. There is too much responsibility. You lead people.

Ron Mullins said,

“People are a Mess, and We are all People.”

I’m one of those who follow close – most of the time. Even I have my moments.


A leader is taking a group somewhere. You seem always to know where we are going and have some idea on how to get us there. I like that. I appreciate you because you take the time to explain to the rest of where we are going. You are likely impatient with having to say it several times, but it takes me a while to get it clear in my head. I appreciate your patience.


Pastor, I value that by spending time in your company, I’m becoming a better person. Through your association with Jesus and His Bible, you have insight that gives answers to life’s tough questions. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable following a shepherd who was not leading through the difficult realities of life. At the same time, you are taking me toward green pastures. Your influence has taken me to be a better place in life. 


Pastor, I know that I’m one among several in your flock. But I’m an individual to you. You treat me with respect, even when I’ve done something dumb. I suppose it could be said, “You respect my right to be wrong.” Someone said, “People who are mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy will not follow someone who treats them with disrespect.” I don’t have any issues there. You are kind, gracious, and love me when I’m not very loveable. Pastor, my words cannot tell you how much I appreciate you.

Pastor, I like that we are going somewhere. You’ve got us building something, buying something, paying something off, starting a preaching point, or “who knows what.” I know it isn’t busywork. Instead, what you are leading us into is making a difference.


You are a person of influence in my life. I don’t give that privilege easily. You don’t influence me because you have ministerial credentials or that you have a little office with the word “Pastor” glued on the door. You influence me because I feel I’m able to trust you. Being able to trust you is even more significant in a world where such confidence is at an all-time low.

Thank you for being my pastor, for leading me. It means more than I’m able to say.

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