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Take Root and Then Bear Fruit


Isaiah’s vision for Israel included both “root” and fruit.” Take root downward and bear fruit upward. (Isaiah 37:31)


What Does Fruit Look Like?


Galatians showcases the “fruit of the spirit.” This will be part of a mature Christian’s life.

Romans lists a number of “motivational gifts.” Each person is born with something by which they can bless others. The fruit of a person’s gifting will be part of a mature Christian’s life.

The fruit of evangelism will be produced by some. After a new convert has developed strong and healthy roots, the fruit will come.


All mature disciples should be productive in some way. We must help develop strong roots, so they can grow into a healthy, fruit bearing saint. But spiritual productivity needs training and direction. You will need to teach converts about disciplines like the stewardship of life and living in a way pleasing to God. Teaching these lessons to developing Christians is work that needs to be done for God.


Training the Vine


You can help converts to become productive by training them. Obviously, my own material is a favorite to me, but more important than using my material is the use of something that will train the vine and help it grow in the right direction.


My own resource is Bear Fruit which is in a teacher and student version gives tools to do exactly this. Along with the earlier Take Root, this set of easily teachable lessons is geared toward keeping them focused and on track toward correct, Godly decisions.


Bear Fruit or material similar it is needed to help you train the vine to be most productive. Some of the lessons in order to do this include:


  • The importance of knowing the vision and mission of their church. Converts need ownership of where the church is going.
  • Learning their personal way to share the Word of God with others. This is important work for newcomers and potential newcomers.
  • Getting comfortable with your pastor and accepting his help as your spiritual leader per the Biblical job description.
  • Stewardship of money and the importance of tithing and offerings.
  • The lifestyle of a Christian.
  • Temptation: how it presents itself and what to do to overcome it when it does.


Fruitful converts result in spiritual growth. As we grow people we will grow the kingdom of God. For more lessons on growing your church and your saints, watch you daily lessons on our YouTube channel!

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