Take Root, Growing Disciples the Best Way

Plastic plants look green and good - but will never produce fruit. God’s way of doing things is a bit slower, but produces results. Several times the Bible says:     

Take root downward and bear fruit upward.




A convert’s growth requires establishing a good root system. Introducing a newcomer to the word of God must be systematic and consistent. Weekly lessons can bring a convert into maturity, so they are confident in their new life.

Encouraging a newcomer to participate in this sort of introductory class helps them “take root” or take hold to the basic concepts of Christian living.

Take Root is a series of ten studies that allows newcomers to become more familiar with the Christian lifestyle, and walks them down the path to a deeper understanding of the importance of such.

The lessons in Take Root include important lessons such as:

  • The uniqueness of Salvation and an exploration of the needed continued development of Christian living.
  • The coming to God, various ways in which people have come to believe and live a life pursuing Godliness.
  • Baptism, the meaning and importance behind it.
  • The nature and oneness of God.
  • The power of prayer, alone, accompanied, and with the church.
  • The “fruit” that comes with Christian living and why it is important to continue Godliness
  • The value of the church and the value of finding a role in the church.

    Take Root is a result of several decades of “hands on” usage. The version of the teacher’s material has step-by-step guidance on the best way to work your way through the material.

    Like most things Take Root was influenced by a number of earlier resources for spiritual babies.

    However, you go about it, establish some sort of effort to develop converts. The care of new converts is important work. If we are not effectively taking care of one spiritual baby why should Jesus send us three?

    New converts need your guidance to set them on the right path to continue growing their “roots” and produce a “fruitful,” Godly life.

    The Take Root Teacher and Take Root Student Manuals are available in Spanish (Tomar Raizand English.

    Some have interest in the Disciple-makers Training Course that my son, Lane (who is a church planter) and I developed. The Disciple-makers Training Course is a thorough strategy to establish a sustainable convert course.

    Oh . . . Online, on each weekday, I’ve been systematically teaching my way through the Acts of the Apostles. In time, my notes will be something of my own version of a commentary.  Right now, these rough draft notes are available to you for just asking.  Email me at carltoncoonsr@gmail.com

    If interested in the videos where this stuff gets taught subscribe to the Youtube channel.

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