Pastor, thank you for healing me

Pastor, thank you for healing me

Pastor, I Appreciate You

There are illnesses of body, mind, soul, and spirit. At one time or another, I’ve been sick in each of those ways. At times, it seemed like my body, mind, soul, and spirit were all sick at the same time. 

A shepherd helps bring sick sheep back to health. You are always working to help me be a healthy saint. Pastor, more than once, you helped bring me to a place of healing. Thank you.

Vitamins of the Wonders of God

Remember when my fire and vitality for Jesus had diminished? It was not that I no longer loved Him. He was no longer a priority of my love. One writer called it something like, “leaving your first love.” You didn’t stomp about with some furious indictment. Instead, you preached about how awesome Jesus was and how much He deserved to be loved. It took a few such messages as well as a move of the Holy Spirit, but I found myself at the altar falling in love with Jesus all over again.

In Private Addressing My Symptoms

I appreciate your approach to sin and failure among us. Instead of preaching sermons that talked about what scoundrels we were, you preached hope and tried to give direction. If something was off-kilter, you didn’t deal with it on Sunday. Instead, you called one of those rare but always interesting Saint’s Meetings to “explain the way of the Lord more clearly.” After, we’d repented, prayed, and celebrated the Lord’s Supper together, a wind of divine healing came through.

Thank you for knowing how to deal with our spiritual illness. It is a rare thing for sick sheep to get better as the result of a good beating. You never preached to intimidate. You preached to heal. Thank you.

You Acknowledge My Pain

I appreciate that you let me be normal as I dealt with life’s hurts. You seemed to know that asking me to leap for joy on Sunday would not eliminate the grief when my daughter died. At times healing involves hurting. You didn’t treat me as though I was backslidden when such pain left me hardly able to stand. Pastor, thanks for helping me heal, but at a healthy pace.

The Messy Pastor

I appreciate you – bloody hands and all. The work you do is messy, and you are far more like the good Samaritan than the priest, or Levite of whom Jesus talked. I know where you work. It is the emergency room of the human soul. Emergency rooms of any kind are bloody places. More than once, I’ve been the patient you were trying to help survive. With your help, I made it. I’m just glad you were there when I was the one who was bleeding out.

Oh, and I like it that you stuck with your guns on that idea, “Sundays are for sinners.”  It all comes together, and you work in Jesus’ hospital for the human soul.

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