Pastor, thank you for seeking me

Pastor, thank you for seeking me

Pastor, I appreciate you!

You sought me at times when I did not want to be found.  Thank you. Somewhere along the line, you took to heart the idea that “one lost’ lamb mattered.

You Seek Me Out to Pray For Me

Thank you for coming to kneel beside me when life’s circumstances had left me beyond feeling. You found me in the altar or prayer-room and knelt beside me. You put your hand over mine, and I knew you cared. At that moment, I was too overwhelmed to say anything. But you seeking me out means a lot to me.

You Value Me

I appreciate you for treating me pretty much like everyone else. Unless it is a guest, you need to speak to or an urgent matter you make time to have a conversation. Pastor, I do appreciate you for being well, rather normal, and letting me be normal. You don’t put on airs of pretension (and you don’t let your wife or kiddos do it either).  You try to make me feel comfortable, even when the whole “man of God” thing is intimidating to me.

You Go After the Lost

I like it that you preach with passion. I’m not talking about getting loud and active. I like those too. But, what captures me are those times you preach with tears of concern over someone’s spiritual condition. If the flames of hell could be extinguished by tears of intercession, then you’d be an incredible fire-fighter. Thank you for the depth of your passion for seeking the lost to get them to a safe place.

Thank you for asking how my aunt is doing after her surgery. Your visit to her meant a lot to both of us. Even better, I think she is going to take you up on the Bible Study you offered to teach us. You seek those who are lost and those who have lost their way. 

My children mean a lot to me. They mean a lot to you as well. On occasion, one of my backslidden kids mentions having received a call, card or text from you. It always includes the fact that you prayed for them and love them. My kids have made some really bad choices in life, but I couldn’t bring myself to disown them. You didn’t either.  Thank you. 

I don’t say it enough.  I’m not sure I’m capable of saying it correctly, but, “Pastor, I appreciate you.” There, I said it, but those three words still feel so lacking in what needs to be said.  Perhaps, it is better just to say, “Pastor, your seeking the wandering has made a big difference in my life. Thank you.”

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