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I'm Carlton Coon, pastoring in Springfield, Missouri. Forty-five years of ministry have let me be part of growing three churches, write 28 books, and develop multiple training courses.

The books and training courses let me pass on a few things I’ve learned.

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It is my contention that strong churches are built on a balanced foundation of "teaching and doing." You may want to glance at my Teacher's Bundle.

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Christian life involves constant growth. My resources show how to encounter depression, make decisions, sustain a personal devotion, be effective in reaching and discipling unconverted friends. Thousands are benefitting from my recent “God’s Men” and “Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) series. The Grand Prize is a great way to be “Be Blessed.”

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5 Grants to our online Disciple-Makers Training Course. This course where you have life-time access has a value of $297.

30 lessons with accompanying videos, pdf handouts, lessons to teach leaders, suggestions on how to develop strategies to overcome being “An Ostrich Church,” or a “Pharaoh Church.” The first sort of church ignores her spiritual babies. The second - kills her spiritual babies through sociological rejection. The Disciple-makers Training Course is good for a church planter to a mega-church.

The training is practical and can be implemented in your church.

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Select Reviews of Recent Releases

Distinctly Different - First in the God's Men Series

Carlton Coon is a visionary voice. His research and writing have blessed so many of us. If your desire is to be a strong “pillar” upon which the church can depend, then this book is for you.

Myles Young
Pastor – The Rock Church
Sacramento, California

Read slowly and digest the content of each chapter. The chapter about "Abner- A Fool and His Folly" shows what leads to failure. Such instruction, spares one from a life of disappointment and instead, and leads you on the path to a lifetime of accomplishments.

Roy Barnhill
Sr. Pastor - The Pentecostals of Lumberton
Lumberton, NC

If this has piqued your interest order God's Men:  Distinctly Different.

There is also a Distinctly Different Leader's Guide. This book helps guide a group through the seven sessions. 

Light in a Dark Place – Encountering Depression

I had no idea depression affected people in so many ways. Pastor Coon is transparent and writes from experience, not theory. Most important: Light in a Dark Place references the infallible Bible. This was not written to break into the literary world. This author has already written over 25 books. Light in a Dark Place will help people, who are affected by depression, both directly and indirectly. 

Suffragan Bishop John Fonzer
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

. . . addresses a subject often mischaracterized by Christians. In a familiar, frank, and transparent style, light is shed on areas of mind and emotions. The clearest voice comes from one who has been there. This book is a must read for any who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder. I recommend Light in a Dark Place to anyone seeking insight on how to help those who fight depression.

Rev. Art W Schnitzer
Missions America Church Growth & Resource Director
Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ

I was asked to review some of Light in a Dark Place. I ended up reading the whole book. What I was to do that day went unfinished. The section on fighting depression fascinated me. It offered the same mechanisms I’ve used to survive my battle with childhood trauma.

Lance Meyers
Bible Teacher/Pastor
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I never understood depression until I read the opening sections of Light in a Dark Place. I now have a bit of a grasp on behavior exhibited in some people. Depression is explained in an understandable way from both factual and spiritual perspectives!

Chairman Ronaldo Togle
Apostolic Jesus Name Church of the Philippines

When a family member was battling depression, I had the attitude of ‘suck it up and get over it.’ In time, I realized there were factors I was ignoring. I hope others read Light in a Dark Place and find an answer to issues they thought they would never face. Thanks for being brave enough to help those who struggle with depression.

Bruce Howell
Global Missions Director
United Pentecostal Church, International

If you have experienced a Major Depressive Disorder, Light in a Dark Place can be a help in understanding and fighting back. Order at either link

Bad Decisions – The Legacy of Lot

. . . challenging and thought-provoking. It brings a unique biblical perspective to the process of decision-making.  The connection of "Remember Lot's wife" and the concept of Lot’s decisions and our need to also, "Remember Lot" is remarkable.  This book can be a life-changer for anyone who doesn't just read it - but acts on it!

Pastor Anthony Mangun
Pentecostals of Alexandria, Louisiana

Wow! Bad Decisions – The Legacy of Lot is hard hitting but hopeful. I love the questions at the end of each chapter which challenge the reader to stop and examine themselves in the light of what they have just read. The introduction of Bad Decisions . . . pulled me in. Lot's wife is not the story, Lot is.

Brian Parkey
District Superintendent, Missouri
United Pentecostal Church

. . . Lot's wife reflected Lot's decisions. From the first chapter on this book was intriguing. To my knowledge the subjects of decision-making or “Lot” is rarely covered as the entirety of a book. This book is needed!

Pastor James Lumpkin
Word Aflame
Little Rock, AR

. . . a surgical autopsy of Lot. The results in the lives of Lot’s children and their later decisions are a convicting stimulus to the willful practices of setting precedents for all parents. This book should be used in psychology classrooms as a text and study guide for human behavior and developmental counseling curriculums.

Bishop Edwin Harper
Apostolic Life Cathedral
Huntington, West Virginia

During review, I planned to read a few chapters and email back a hasty thumbs up. With no attempt of flattery, I read every jot and tittle! This is a necessary book that will appeal to those who aren’t “book readers” per se. Bad Decisions mines deep.

Pastor Jason Cox
Stenger, Illinois

. . . awesome, confronting, and gut-wrenching at times. It addresses absolutely necessary, issues that are often hidden from public view even in the church.

Pastor Bill Morris
Shell Harbour, Australia
Director of Mission Australia
United Pentecostal Church, Australia

Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot has sold more quickly than any book I've written. The notes coming back my way have motivated me to keep writing. This book is worth reading, and then passing on to someone else. 

There is a Leader's Guide to Bad Decisions, use it to lead a group. 

Whether currenting interested in any of my other books are not, you owe it to yourself to SIGN UP Now to get your FREE copy of UNTIL HE COMES - EIGHT MESSAGES ON COMMUNION. The book will be yours as soon as you register.

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