Various Ways of Looking at Acts (Continued) Blog#3

Various Ways of Looking at Acts (Continued) Blog#3

Various Ways of Looking at Acts (Continued)

This is Blog #3 in my Introduction to the Book of Acts.

Through whatever lens we are looking, it is important to remember Acts continues the action and teachings of Jesus Christ. Consider some more of these lenses.


For those committed to revival and evangelism, Acts is an important textbook. Acts serves as Christianity’s best textbook for many areas of study:

  • Doctrine regarding salvation
  • Pneumatology – the work of the Holy Ghost
  • Prayer
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Disciple-making
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Multi-Cultural Ministry
  • Cross Cultural Evangelism
  • The Church
  • Strategies for Church Planting
  • The Supernatural as in signs and wonders, as well as dealing with the demonic


Acts is a bridge. In these years, the gospel went from one phase to another.

Imagine how confusing it would be to read the last words of the Gospel of John; turn the page, and discover – Romans! We would ask, “How did the church get to Rome? The last we read the center of activity was in Jerusalem.” The answers that transition Christianity from being a minor sect focused on declaring Jesus to be the Messiah to a world impacting group is found only in Acts.

Study of God and His workings

The gospel of Luke is the first phase of what Jesus began to do and teach. Acts is the second – the “doing” and “teaching” continued but God now worked through people empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

Paying attention to how God continued to work deserves study. Irenaeus first used the title Acts of the Apostles late in the second century. It is not known whether this title was invented by Irenaeus. It does seem clear that this material was not given this title by Luke.[1]  Acts might have been better called The Acts of the Holy Ghost

Acts has much divine activity. God was breaking in on people of various cultures and backgrounds. Luke was especially concerned that his readers understand this.

From a second vantage, Acts of the Apostles is a misnomer. Most of the material found in Acts deals with the work of Peter and Paul. Little is said about the other apostles. 

The next blog in my Introduction to the Book of Acts will post tomorrow. I’ll discuss the book of Acts as the model church.

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Recommended books for additional study:

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            Exploring Acts by John Phillips

            Acts: The Amazing History of the Early Church by Jet Witherspoon

Other books for helps:

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[1] Matthews, Christopher R. (2011). "Acts of the Apostles". In Coogan, Michael D. The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible. Oxford University Press.

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