Pastor, thank you for feeding me

Pastor, thank you for feeding me

Well-fed Sheep

The late George Glass Sr. often said,

“The most important man in any community is the pastor of a truth-preaching revival church.”

He was right! Pastor, you are appreciated!

The Lord Jesus Christ planned for His people to be provided for by faithful shepherds. Jesus's assertive and repeated statement to Peter, “Feed my sheep,” gave Peter a focus. The epistles Peter was inspired to write late in life display this work.  

Thank you, Pastor, for feeding His flock. It takes much effort to do it well.


Thank you for the days and nights of study. I cannot ignore, the time you took to learn and prepare yourself. Feeding us required you to be able to S.E.T. the table. S.E.T. means that when you brought us to the Bible, the Scripture is Explained Thoroughly.

I appreciate that you listen to the Bible on audio; sermons by other preachers and Podcasts. Even while you are on your secular job or driving to a meeting, you are adding more corn to your crib. In time, bits and pieces of what you learn will become part of a good fresh meal from the Bible.

Making God’s Word Accessible

Thank you for faithfully helping me understand the place of God’s word in my life. You put more focus on His word than what you had to say about His word. You get it to my level of understanding. Charles Spurgeon said, “Some preachers misunderstood Jesus to have said, ‘Feed my giraffes.’” I’m so glad you know I’m a sheep and not a giraffe. You put God’s groceries where I can get to them. I appreciate you for that.

God’s Word Correctly Used

I appreciate that when counsel was needed, you never said, “I think . . ..”  Instead, you responded, “What does the Bible say?” Then you helped me find an answer. At those times, I felt you’d singled me out for a treat or handout I needed at that moment.

I appreciate that God’s word has not been used to beat, control, or intimidate. Exceptional cooking is of little value if only used for a food fight. You have never even thrown a 50-pound sack of the grain of God’s word at me. Instead, you fed me in amounts I was able to absorb.

When I made a mess of things, Pastor, I appreciate that you did not humiliate me in front of the church. When I was spiritually sick, oh so sick, you kept feeding me. You probably felt like shooting me. But you didn’t. I’m better now. Thanks to you.

A Balanced Diet

Pastor, I appreciate that you always work to prepare a decent meal. At times what you fed me was like “fine dining.” More often, those spiritual meals have been like cornbread and beans, a bit of sweet potato pie, and sweet tea. Perspectives did not ask if they could print what you had said on those days. But what you said fed my mind and soul. You put something on the table that provoked thought through the rest of the week. It was particularly helpful that you told me how to apply in a practical way what you had said.

Finally, I’m so glad you kept “veggies” on the menu. Like most people, I favor dessert. I’d prefer you to talk about praise, heaven, and victory. But you keep on teaching about “how to pray,” godly living, and paying my debts. I’m healthier for it. You decided preaching me to my feet was less important than preaching me to my knees. I have an idea that was what Jesus meant when He told Simon Peter, “Feed my sheep!”

Pastor, I appreciate you now more than ever. Keep feeding me. If you do, I’ll stay healthy and keep growing. Thanks again. I love you.

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