Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) (EBook)
Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) (EBook)

Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) (EBook)

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The Lord Jesus Christ's solutions are elegantly simple, even when it comes to establishing and sustaining your personal devotion.
Welcome to the Keep it Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) Series. The focus is on pruses on giving solutions - simple approaches that work.
Book #1 in the series is K.I.S.S. - Personal Devotion.
Despite the longing for a closer relationship with Jesus, the majority of Protestant Christians, by their own assessment, lack in their personal devotion.
Why the disparity? For many, the answer lies in the lack of guidance and instruction.
Keep it Simple Saints - Personal Devotion is a beacon of clarity amidst the confusion. With a personal assessment and interactive exercises, this book empowers you to overcome barriers hindering your time with Jesus.
  • Here you unveil keys to sustaining a vibrant personal devotion
  • Several models are provided. You will find a model tailored to fit you.

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