FREE ITEM Twenty-One Topics Worksheet

FREE ITEM Twenty-One Topics Worksheet

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Each preacher has topics he most enjoys preaching. Often, this enjoyment also influences the preacher's study and preparation. Repeatedly addressing a handful of favorite topics may result in listener fatigue. Some in your audience think they know what you are going to say. If this is the case, people tend to tune you out.

Suggestion:  my goal, is to preach about 21 different topics two times each year. This is drawn from author Warren Wiersbe's excellent book Preaching and Teaching With Imagination. This strategy was also practiced by Pastor Anthony Mangun is to preach or teach about 21 different topics two times each year. 

By the way, Wiersbe's book i one of the best I've read on preaching. Though I've now been preaching for 47 years it is my practice to annually read at least one book about preaching.

On Sunday our worship-service approach is:  Sundays are for Sinners! The preaching in Sunday worship will be evangelistic over 80% of the time. 

This leaves Sunday teaching and mid-week, as well as any online teaching as an opportunity to address these 21 topics. Keep the printout in your Bible or on your desk to record when you speak about these topics. It works!!!


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