It is TIME for Men to be Good Men!

It is TIME for Men to be Good Men!

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Every man struggles. Manhood has been dumbed-down, scorned, turned into jello, or conversely depicted as a brute.

Maybe some of it is deserved for men in general - but it should not be so for God's Men.

God's Men will be assessed by their right decisions and a willingness to differ from others. 

But we need "tools" to help us be "God's Men!" The first two books in my God's Men series, one of which is brand new should be in your library.

  • Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot is an autopsy of the decisions Lot made. His choices set his wife and children up for failure. We learn to make better decisions by avoiding Lot's wrong choices.
  • In Distinctly Different you will join John in prison. John did not let his location or surrounding define him. You will also go with Jacob as he practices having a "long view" of life and also discover from John Mark that "failure is not final." In all seven situations are dealt with where men had the opportunity to be, Distinctly Different

There is a lot more about both books below!

Both books, one low price AND we take care of shipping costs within the United States. 

At full price, either book is $17.97. You will be getting both books for quite a discount.  If you already own Distinctly Different, get this bundle anyway. You can gift the book you own to a friend or as a gift for your pastor.  

These are the first two in my God's Men series. 

Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot is my latest book. This is my pre-release best seller.


Hundreds of copies have sold. For any self-published author, this type of pre-release sell is significant. The reviews, some from unexpected sources have been beyond excellent.

In Bad Decisions, Lot's life is autopsied. Every decision Lot made, save two, was wrong.


Tally up Lot's "end of the game" score.

  • We last see him living in a cave some distance above the village of Zoar. 
  • His wife's lone recorded decision resulted in her being turned into a pillar of salt.
  • His two older daughters and their husbands died in Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • All measures of wealth were gone. He had no livestock, home, or finery.
  • His position and title were gone. He had no city gate in which to sit to make judicial decisions. 
  • Two virgin daughters, get their father drunk and seduce him. Each would birth a son fathered by Lot. 
  • His sons would found the nations of Moab and Ammon. These two nations would hinder Israel for centuries. 

In what universe would you consider Lot a success?

No single decision brought this outcome. It seldom does. Instead, it was the accumulation of a lifetime of self-centered decisions. Lot's values were wrong. Wrong values will always result in the wrong decisions. 

The goal of the book, which includes questions at the end of each chapter, to provoke thought is to help you not make the same mistakes Lot made. Learn from Lot's folly.

The earlier book:  

Distinctly Different shows how seven different men of the Bible responded to life.

man from Hawaii said the chapter about John Mark changed the trajectory of his life. Before reading the book he'd felt he had no hope whatsoever.  Then he realized based on John Mark's experience, Failure is not Final.

Some of the men whose lives are considered - Jacob (Living with the Long View), Jabez (A Pain Not Passed On), John on Patmos (What Surrounds Me, Will Not Define Me). There are several others.  

Bishop James Carney (Columbia, Mississippi) felt Distinctly Different was one of the best books he read in the year it published.