Everything in the Carlton L. Coon Sr. Growing In Christ Series

Everything in the Carlton L. Coon Sr. Growing In Christ Series

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Growing in Christ Bundle

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Have you found it hard to continue growing in Christ? Every believer has likely been there at one time or another! Interestingly, the word disciple means one who learns.

A disciple of Christ is never to stop learning. The emphasis is on being a learner who applies what has been learned. 

This series teaches. More important in EVERY book guidance is provided to help apply what you have learned. 

Daily Things of Christian Living - Christian life was never intended to be a segment of life. But what should we be doing for Christ the other six days of the week? The New Testament references seven daily things. These seven habits will change your life. Each chapter ends with multiple suggestions for application. 


As a convert, did someone tell you about the importance of personal devotion?  Now think back - did anyone teach you how to do a daily devotional? If someone taught you then you are in the minority. Count your blessings and thank the person who taught you!

If guidance on HOW to have a personal devotion is needed - the answer is here. 

Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) teaches three patterns for devotion. These are practical. Suggestions are provided for how to overcome the things that hinder personal devotion. This is the first book in the developing K.I.S.S. series. Be on the lookout for more books in this series.


Musing on Matthew is an eBook with two or three paragraphs reflecting on some truth from each chapter of Matthew. These are ideal for devotion, to meditate on through a day, or as sermon-starters. Musing on Matthew is available as a PDF or Mobi file. Similar books on the four gospels are planned. 


If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me . . . (What Kind of Church Would This Church Be?) examines how the Lord measures a church. If these are the measures of the local church, then these are also the measure of the life of each Christian. What kind of saint are you?

Think about the question posed in the book title. If each person who attends next Sunday served Jesus as you do would there even be a church? Would the church be as welcoming as the one in Antioch or fearful like Jerusalem? Jerusalem did not welcome the new convert who would eventually be known as the Apostle Paul. Antioch did welcome Paul, and Antioch became the face of the mission work of the church in Acts.