Bear Fruit - Student Handbook
Bear Fruit - Student Handbook-book-Christian Church Growth

Bear Fruit - Student Handbook

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Student Version - This is most effective when each student has their handbook. As a pastor, my approach has been to have the new convert pay part of the cost of the book. People value something more when they have an investment in it. 

<p>What do you feed those converts who may not know the difference between the Genesis'&nbsp;Joseph and Joseph in the book of Matthew? <br></p><p><em>Bear Fruit</em>&nbsp;is a second level of food to grow new believers to maturity. <em>Take Root</em>&nbsp;(also available here) is the first baby food in this planned&nbsp;diet. <br></p><p>Drawing from timeless wisdom and giving practical insight, this teacher's handbook works whether one or twenty new converts are being taught. <u>These lessons help navigate through the complexities of faith with clarity and purpose</u>.<br></p><p>Developed over years of refinement, the <em>Bear Fruit</em> handbook, along with its companions <em>Take Root</em> and <em>Fitly Framed</em>, has proven its effectiveness. It's now a trusted resource, used&nbsp;by hundreds of churches worldwide, making a significant impact on the spiritual growth of new converts<u></u>. <br></p><p><u>Unlock your ability to bring new Christians to maturity with <em>Bear Fruit</em>.</u> It's not just a resource, but a solid framework that equips you to teach the foundational principles of Christian living. <br></p><p>Whether you're a seasoned instructor or new to the task, this handbook provides the content to guide people toward being productive Christians.&nbsp;<br><br>Embark on a journey of discovery and transformation with&nbsp;<em>Bear Fruit</em>. Every lesson is an opportunity to answer questions and give direction. <br></p><p>Constantly drawn from the word of God, this material will sow seeds of faith. <b>It&nbsp;is the sort of seed you must sow if you&nbsp;are to reap converts becoming mature believers.&nbsp;</b><br></p>

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