Cheat Sheet for Daily Bible Study
Cheat Sheet for Daily Bible Study

Cheat Sheet for Daily Bible Study

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The Bible is far more interesting when it is not only read but understood. Is it better to read and deeply consider three or four verses in a single paragraph or to quickly read three of four chapters?  Cheat Sheet Below!

Bible reading is important. But, reading without comprehension has limited value.

My suggestion is to slow down. Spend some time thinking about what you are reading. As you spend time on a paragraph, consider the following questions. A downloadable cheat sheet is here.  

Perhaps your Bible does not show paragraph breaks. Many do not. If you need a comparatively inexpensive Bible with paragraph breaks the Cambridge Paragraph Bible may be of interest. 


Bible Study will not require reading several chapters. Immerse yourself in a paragraph, learning all you can. Systematically, work your way through a book of the Bible.

1.     Who is talking?

2.     Who are they speaking to?

3.     Historic and/or cultural setting.

4.     Is it narrative (story), poetry, wisdom, a letter, or prophecy?

5.     Questions prompted by the reading.

6.     What is the paragraph’s main subject?

7.     What is the paragraph’s leading lesson?

8.     What did it say to the first reader/hearer?

9.     What does it communicate to me now?

10.  My idea:  the paragraph’s best verse is?

11.  What does it teach about Christ?

12.  Did I read of an error to avoid?

13.  Did I learn of a duty for me to perform?

14.  Is there any promise to claim?

15.  I will meditate (think on) on this idea throughout my day.


Your cheat sheet.

You gain even more if you use some method to retain what you learn. The weakest ink (or keyboard) is usually stronger than the most powerful memory. 

My first resource of choice is a large study Bible with extra-wide margins. Someone

said of my study Bible, "Your Bible needs wheels." Of course, I'm part of the pen and paper generation. Note:  Seldom do I use my study Bible to preach from, though it is my preference to preach from paper notes, rather than my iPhone or iPad.

My exact Bible is not currently available. The closest thing to it.   Such Bibles have become expensive. A somewhat similar wide-margin KJV Concord Bible at Amazon. (If you use the Amazon link, I'll make a few cents.)

If you use a computer or app-based resources that keep your ideas close please share those. Tell me how you use these. I'll pass them on to others. 

My second oft-mentioned resource for retention of almost everything is Evernote. There is a free version that was adequate for my purposes for many years. 

Your cheat sheet for Daily Bible Study. 

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