Daily Things of Christian Living
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Daily Things of Christian Living
Daily Things of Christian Living

Daily Things of Christian Living

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Experience a Thrilling Life by applying the Daily Things of Christian Living. Having an intentional life is a way to serve the Lord.
Having certainty in Christian living is liberating and empowering. But, do you know the misery of lacking direction – uncertain of what you should consistently do? Many, if not most believers face this challenge.
The New Testament suggests seven daily tasks various people accomplish.
Most of us are energized when we have direction and know specific assignments we must complete. Your impact will increase as you accomplish each of these seven things.
Daily Things of Christian Living will help you accomplish these daily tasks, provide guidelines, and resolve your questions.
Imagine beginning each day without uncertainty. Knowing what you want to do to benefit the Kingdom of God. The book is not about what Must I do to be Saved," instead it is concerned with what can I do to make a difference for the Savior.
You can make a difference! Learn and then practice the daily things of Christian living to experience a thrilling life.

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