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The Books and Leader's Guides

Distinctly Different God's Men: 

The quest for purpose, integrity, and wisdom lies in every Christian man's heart.
Enter the world of "Distinctly Different," the first book in a captivating series crafted for Christian men seeking guidance and fellowship in their journey of faith.
From navigating the complexities of relationships to grappling with the challenges of modern-day living, "Distinctly Different" provides a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who seek to live out their faith in every aspect of their lives.

Distinctly Different - Leader's Guide:

Living a Christian life can be challenging as it is beset on all sides by the tyranny of worldly distractions.

Distinctly Different - Leader is used to guide a small group through the exciting and life-changing material in Distinctly Different. (Available at this website.) It embarks on a transformative journey tailored for Christian men seeking guidance.

Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot:

Decisions may have deferred outcomes, but decisions NEVER happen in a vacuum.
While most teachers tend to use the positive traits of biblical characters, Pastor and Author Carlton L. Coon Sr. masterfully draws on the life of Lot to illustrate the dangers of making bad decisions. 
It helps readers evaluate their choices in light of Lot’s failures. 

Bad Decisions - The Legacy of Lot - Leader's Guide:

The best way to gain wisdom is by learning from other people's experiences - both good and bad.
While most teachers use the positive traits of biblical characters, Pastor and Author Carlton L. Coon Sr. also helps us learn from people like Lot. As reported in the Bible, Lot made one good decision in more than a dozen opportunities.

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