Gideon - Victory Won, Opportunity Missed

Gideon - Victory Won, Opportunity Missed

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Gideon is known for the faith-filled triumph that came in such unique fashion. But there is much more to the life of Gideon.

  • His out-of-control anger.
  • Forgetting his own fear and small beginnings.
  • Entitlement
  • Taking advantage of those he influenced. 
  • Creating a golden ephod that became competition to the tabernacle. 
  • Allowing Israel to come “whoring” after that ephod. 
  • Creating a snare for his own family. 
  • Family entitlement. 

Forty years as Israel’s judge and when Gideon died, Israel immediately entered into their closest covenant ever with the false god Baal. Some kind of influence - but what 

Gideon's influence did not produce a longterm positive result for Israel - each of us can learn from Gideon's decisions.   

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