Ministry Development Box
Ministry Development Box
Ministry Development Box
Ministry Development Box

Ministry Development Box

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Includes the new as of December 2022, Influencer: Gideon (A One Hit Wonder)

This box of "goodies" includes resources needed to develop someone called into the "five-fold" ministry. Every book in my Ministry Development Collection is included.

1. Masterful Preaching - Learn to preach to the lost. This seems to be a forgotten art. Yet, Jesus put the priority on one lost, rather than 99 who were saved. Masterful Preaching went to a third printing. Two pastors - one in Oklahoma, and another in West Virginia recently told me that this book changed their preaching and made them more effective. 

2. Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints (K.I.S.S.) I was a preacher and they'd told me to practice personal devotion. But everyone assumed someone else had taught me how to have personal devotion. This book teaches how to have personal devotion. 

3. The Science of Shepherding - Pastoral Ministry for the 21st Century. Young pastors have often called this their favorite of my books. It is a practical application of the Biblical theology of pastoral care. Just what is the job description of a pastor?

4. Honey from a Strange Hive. We get to plan many things. Funerals are not one of them. It is best to have resources on hand. This is a collection of funeral sermons. This includes difficult funerals such as suicide, unexpected deaths, the death of children, and more. 

5. What the Bible Says . . .Home Bible Study. Home Bible Studies are the most effective way to reach the lost. Yet, I was NEVER effective in teaching a chart-based Home Bible Study. What the Bible Says . . . is 7 topical Lessons that work to convince and convert the lost. The student handouts and worksheets are available for you to duplicate for a lifetime. 

6.  The Details Matter. I'm not naturally a good administrator but learned to be effective with administration. A "super-preacher" or "super-pastor" may not need this book, the rest of us do. This book was written at the behest of a major church organization and is required reading prior to Ordination. 

7.  Revival in a Plain Brown Wrapper. Revival is one of the most misunderstood concepts. Biblical revival is seldom gaudy instead revival is consistent. The long-term result may get someone's attention but that outcome is based on consistently doing the right things for the long term. 

8.  You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for Your Mama. The title is based on a paragraph in Job 39. The book is about disciple-making. What are we doing to develop spiritual babies into mature saints?  If the answer is something like, "Well . . . uh . . ." then this book is desperately needed. 

9. Healthy Church . . . Start Here. There are at least 18 reasons a church gets stuck. Any of these can happen to a baby church or to a church 70 years old. Fortunately, these reasons can all be addressed and Healthy Church offers insight on exactly how to do it.

10. Influencer:  Gideon (A One Hit Wonder) Lessons on leadership are strawn throughout Gideon's time as a judge. We can learn from Gideon's faith but perhaps more is learned by talking of Gideon's bad behavior, which gets overlooked in most Sunday School lessons. 

+++++ 3 eBooks Moments with Matthew, The How and Why of Disciple-making, and Until He Comes (4 sermons and 4 lessons on the Lord's Supper). 

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