Musings on Matthew Devotional (PDF)

Musings on Matthew Devotional (PDF)

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Matthew 18:19 Praying in The Symphony

“. . . . if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven,” (Matthew 18:19).

. . . a cornet and a violin are also quite different. A symphony will include woodwinds, tympani, cornets, violins, and dozens of other instruments. Each instrument sounds different. The four movements of a symphony will require something from each of the varied instruments.

The symphonic agreement does not occur by the instruments sounding alike. The agreement, the symphony, comes in each unique instrument playing the same tune. The tune being directed by the conductor.

Power comes when people begin to “pray the same tune!” What tune should we be praying? It must go beyond our personal “Divine To-Do” list.

“Praying in the symphony” involves being in harmony with God and each other. A good place to start with our symphony of prayer is, “. . . thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Praying God’s prayer releases something.

Will you be part of a symphony of prayer this week?

NOTICE:  This E-book currently comes in two options.  BTW -  Mark, Luke, John, and Acts will eventually roll out. Be watching for them. 

From each of the 28 chapters of Matthew comes a thought-provoking devotion with accompanying questions. These short readings will give you seed thoughts to consider throughout your day. 

An example of the content.  In listing the apostles selected by the Lord, Matthew lists himself by the name Matthew. No other gospel writer does so. What is the significance?

Another example:  John the Baptist was a powerful preacher. His call to repentance was so impacting that decades later some John baptized were strongly adhering to his teaching. However, those same men had missed at least one of the three primary elements in John the Baptist's preaching. Find out what they missed. 


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