50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale
50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale

50% OFF Teaching Materials Bundle - Super Sale

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Teaching Bundle

We have created this bundled teaching set. If purchased individually the cost would be over $287! But we have put together this deeply discounted package. You may never see a deal like this again. 

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What's in this bundle?

Newest - Daily Things of Christian Living (Book and Leader's Guide)

There are seven things the New Testament showcases people either doing or being instructed to do. These "daily things" are the foundation for an array of good habits. Pastor David Hairford of Gonzalez, Louisiana taught this content to the congregation. Other pastors have done the same. 

Bad Decisions - the Legacy of Lot (book and Leader's Guide)

Bad Decisions addresses the decisions Lot made. All but one were wrong. Ralph Tyndale, who pastors in West Virginia said he taught more content from this book than any single book he'd ever read. Bad Decisions is also used by clinics dealing with addiction as well as year-long addiction programs. 

Distinctly Different (book and Leader's Guide)

This is part of my God's Men series. Each chapter is a snapshot of a man's life and is readily teachable. 

Personal Devotion - Keep It Simple Saints

Do those you influence know how to have a personal devotion? I was raised on church pews, but nobody taught me how to have a devotion. These chapters provide a series of lessons that I taught in two different pastorates. 

Family Issues - Beating the Marriage Busters

My favorite class group ever was a young married's class. These seven lessons go behind the scenes to consider what happened in various Bible marriages. The lessons are intended to be interactive, with as much discussion as can be engendered. Our group sat in a circle until we had so many students that we needed two circles. Pastors, repeatedly tell me how much this has helped them. 

Family Issues - Biblical Parenting

The same group referenced above was taught this material. These lessons consider the interaction between parent and child. Imagine the family dynamic where the parents played favorites (Issac and Rebekah). Consider a parent whose rules were too stringent (Saul telling Israel to fast in wartime.) This is good stuff. 

Until He Comes

Communion is one of the things Jesus left for the church to do, "Until He Comes." While communion is practiced, is it well understood? Is communion as spiritually impacting as it might be? Written from an Apostolic perspective, this book is good for all who want to know more about communion. 

What The Bible Says . . . 

What the Bible Says . . . is a topical Bible Study designed for evangelism. The seven lessons address key topics that will help others to be saved. The student handouts and student worksheets can be duplicated at no additional cost. 

Take Root Teacher Manual

Take Root is step one in disciple-making. Used by Apostolic churches all over the world - it includes teacher and student material. 

Lessons include relationships with one's church, pastor, the nature of God, baptism and so much more. An accompanying student booklet is required to best serve your students.

Bear Fruit Teacher Manual

Bear Fruit is step two in disciple-making. Lessons teach a believer about Christian responsibilities. This has been used by hundreds of churches all over the world. A student handbook is also available.

Fitly Framed Digital Download

The New Testament church has no appendix. Every person is to fulfill a designated role of service. Fitly Framed is a digital resource with the lessons and tests to help every person/new convert find their motivational gifts and to find their place of service in the body of Christ 

If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me. . . (What Kind of Church Would this Church Be)

What is the measure of a great church? The Bible gives some clear answers. But are we using the same measure Christ uses? This content and application are church-changing. I've taught this in my last two pastorates. With these concepts as the focus, the church moved forward in ways God blessed. 

Have we set a Bible-based level of expectation? What if each person in your church were just like you? Would it be a strong church? 

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