The Details Matter
The Details Matter-book-Christian Church Growth
The Details Matter-book-Christian Church Growth

The Details Matter

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<p>&amp;quot;The Details Matter,&amp;quot; delves into the necessity of leading and administering a church for sustainable ongoing growth - numerically, spiritually, emotionally, and in service.&nbsp;<br></p><p>&amp;<b>quot;The Details Matter,&amp;quot; is a book written about administration by a pastor who hates administration and dealing with details. I discovered that if our church was to have healthy growth I had to change and learn how to be an effective administrator. Otherwise, my ability to influence others would be forever hampered.&nbsp;</b><br></p><p>With&nbsp;practical guidance tailored for pastors, ministers, and church leaders alike.&nbsp;From the management of church finances to the crafting of policies and the&nbsp;delicate handling of staff matters, this book&nbsp;illuminates <u>the critical role that&nbsp;administrative proficiency</u> plays in the life of a thriving congregation.<br></p><p>With insightful strategies and actionable insights, &amp;quot;The Details Matter&amp;quot; equips readers with the&nbsp;tools necessary to streamline operations, foster organizational unity, and uphold the values<br>and mission of their church.<br></p><p>Dozens of pastors have remarked that this book changed their perspective on ministry, helping them realize that <u>the pulpit work was the fun part of ministry while the hard, necessary part happened behind the scenes.</u> <br></p><p>Embark on a transformative journey towards more effective stewardship of your time, talent, resources,&nbsp;and intentional leadership, where every detail, no matter how small, becomes a catalyst for profound&nbsp;spiritual growth and meaningful impact.<br></p><p><em>The Details Matter</em> - they really do. This book is available for your Kindle app or reader at Amazon.&nbsp;</p>

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