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You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for Your Mama! (EBook)

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In God's talk with Job, He described the parenting skills of an ostrich, who is a poor mother.

No spiritual baby wants an ostrich church to take care of them. The convert's odds of survival go down markedly.

  • Unlike an ostrich's approach, the spiritual baby is a priority.
  • Unlike an ostrich, a wise mother is prepared for the birth of a little one.
  • Unlike an ostrich, a wise mom protects her babies from the destroyers.

The ostrich is a parable of what churches poor at disciple-making do.

The ostrich is only the start. In Disciple-making You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for Your Mama, you learn about:

Sociological issues that cause spiritual infants to be destroyed.

  1. Protection of the existing and dominant culture - which is why Pharaoh wanted Hebrew boys killed.
  2. Protection of personal position - which is why Herod so desperately wanted to kill a baby born near Jerusalem.

You'll learn that you can't rush the young and that frightened care-givers injure the young under their protection.

More importantly, you learn how to grow beyond being an ostrich church.

One of the most important parts of our work for Jesus is disciple-making. With humor and heart, pastor and Author Carlton Coon Sr. illustrates how effective disciple-making requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.

"You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for Your Mama!" offers a fresh perspective and invaluable insights that will inspire and equip you to become a more effective disciple-maker.

Get ready to have your mind stretched as you reconsider how spiritual infants are being cared for.

The extensive course Mastering Disciple-making is available online. Google the author's name and the course name to learn more.

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