How Does the Flock Look?

How Does the Flock Look?


 Shepherding is not easy. There are many things a pastor must keep in mind, and update constantly in order to be effective. A premise I personally embrace is the idea that the most notable difference between two spiritual flocks is indicated by the way each church is shepherded.

Equipped to Excel 

To understand pastoral ministry we should consider animal husbandry. For example, a better-equipped person is more likely to have a profitable farm, herd, or flock. Applying the modern science of animal husbandry affects an owner’s increase. As a farmer invests in his farm and his flock, we pastors must also invest in being capable of caring for the flock of God.

More than Preaching 

The job description of a pastor includes far more than a weekly Sunday service. Feeding, leading, seeking, and healing a flock is of utmost importance. Learning how to keep God's flock healthy is a feat pastors must understand how to do.

For more thought on the necessary concepts on providing pastoral care for the 21st century consider my book:  The Science of Shepherding.


During the Coronavirus “shutdown” our ministry at Calvary - Springfield, Missouri went online. This included teaching a daily session via Facebook Live. The response was amazing. I’ve continued and am now working my way through the book of Acts with expositional teaching. My first lesson is an introduction, in time, this content will be CLC Comments on Acts. Check out these videos. Also, an entire battery of such content is available at my YouTube channel.  

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